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Handcrafted with love, so you can relax and enjoy.

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The Delightful

Fragrance of Fruit


The Smells of Home Baked Vanilla Cookies


The Tantalizing Smells of Coconut and Mango


The Sweet and Enticing Scent of Honeysuckle


The Soothing Fragrance of Lavender


The Smells of Nature and Earth

Honeysuckle scents in the home
What we do

Handcraft Candles With Love

At The Scent Spot, we strive to create the perfect scented candle to share what we believe is a great enhancement to anyone’s  life.  A beautiful scent can remind us of places and people from our past, help to center ourselves and clear our heads, create an environment of serenity, and much more.

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Based in Mountain House, CA

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