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“Has a smell ever seduced you, reminded you of someone, or taken your imagination to a blissful place? A great scent is something that you never forget. I first became enthralled with the power a scent can have after I got a job selling perfume oils in 1997. Once people got that perfect scent for themselves, it empowered them and made them feel special! I loved helping them in the process. Since then I have always loved to scent everything.

I created The Scent Spot’s scented soy candles to inspire you to take a little time for yourself, and enjoy the wonderful fragrance they can surround you with. Whether you are at home, at work, or working from home, let The Scent Spot’s candles fill your room with a magnificent scent that makes you feel good.”

Emoru Friday


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Why the Scent Spot?

There are a few factors why The Scent Spot soy wax candles are better than paraffin wax candles.  First, you should know that paraffin wax is made from the gunk at the bottom of crude oil barrels (eeewww!)  We aren’t burning that garbage in our homes, and we wouldn’t ask you to do that either!  They might as well stop calling it paraffin and start calling it petroleum wax.  Not to mention petroleum is not a renewable resource.  Many of the candle companies who sell through major retailers choose to use paraffin candles because it is a cheaper wax for them to buy; but it comes at a big cost to our health!


Lavender Bloom Soy Candle Lit
Scented Candles by The Scent Spot are made from soy

Soy wax is by no means a second rate option for candles.  As a matter of fact we think it’s the best option.  It’s odorless, so it takes on the fragrance of the fragrance oil we use.  Plus, the 100% soy wax we use comes from soybeans which are a renewable resource.  Soy wax lasts longer than paraffin wax, since soy burns at a lower temperature.  So, you can expect to burn our soy wax candles for much longer than a paraffin wax candle. 

Our 9 oz. size candle gets you approximately 40 hours of burn time (we only recommend burning 2 hours at a time).  It does take a little bit longer for the fragrance to “come out” in soy wax, and when it does it is so nice.  The first burn is great, but you’ll notice more fragrance after the second or third burn!  Not to mention, our soy wax burns much cleaner than paraffin wax, and you won’t get the huge amounts of black soot that have made paraffin wax candles notorious. 

Given these facts, it is soy wax all the way for us.   So, light the wick, relax, and enjoy!


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