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Caribbean Wishes

The smell of Caribbean Wishes will take you to a white sand beach, where the sun will kiss your skin, and a tropical fruit drink will quench your thirst.  Enjoy this beautiful blend of coconut and mango, with a little bit of pineapple on the side.

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Our Honeysuckle fragrance smells like a relaxing walk in the park during the summer.  The sweet smell of Honeysuckle will surround you and ignite your passions.

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Lavender Bloom

Smell the wonderful fragrance of spring with Lavender Bloom.  A calming mix of lavender and eucalyptus that will leave you chill and wanting more.

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This is for the Patchouli lover in you!  Earthy, smoky, and slightly sweet sums up this cult classic.  If you love patchouli, you will love Patchouli from The Scent Spot.

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Raspberry Escape

Lose yourself in raspberry awesomeness!  Our Raspberry Escape fragrance gives you the distinct combination of tart and sweet that raspberries are loved for.  Get your raspberry on!

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THIS IS NOT YOUR PLAIN VANILLA!  Can you say vanilla, buttercream, and cake all blended together…what, what!  You can’t eat it, but you’ll want to.

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Vanilla Sugar

Relish a lighter vanilla fragrance, sweetened with honey and a little nutmeg to spice it up!   A unique blend that you may have never smelled before.  Our Vanilla Sugar is to be enjoyed all year round.

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