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Does the wax used in a candle really matter?  I mean, wax, fragrance, and a wick; all candles are the same, right?  Absolutely not!  A lot of the big candle companies don’t want you to care about what wax they use for their candles.  Using cheaper paraffin wax is good for their bottom line because it’s cheaper for them to use, even though it’s not the best for your health.  Four reasons make soy wax better to use for scented candles: it comes from a renewable resource, offers a cleaner burn, doesn’t burn as fast, and gives off a better fragrance.

Renewable Natural Resource

Soy wax comes from, wait for it, soybeans!  All jokes aside, farmers around the country grow this non-toxic, biodegradable, and renewable resource for many different uses.  Thankfully we can use them to make our candles.  It’s nice to know that even when as you enjoy your scented soy candles, you are supporting farmers.  Paraffin wax comes from the nonrenewable resource, petroleum.  Paraffin wax has been shown to release chemicals with fancy names like tri-decane, toluene, and hexadecane.  These chemicals can irritate respiratory conditions and cause allergic reactions.  Who needs that?

Cleaner Burn

Soy wax burns much cleaner than some of its paraffin wax counterpart, because it is non-toxic and it releases much less soot.  Soot is the black smoke that sometimes comes off of the candle wick.  A great way to reduce soot is to make sure you trim your wick after each use (after the wick cools down of course).  Unfortunately, paraffin wax is notorious for producing a lot of soot.  Soy wax is nowhere near as bad.

Lasts Longer and Better Fragrance

Soy wax candles do typically cost more than candles that use other types of waxes.  You get your moneys worth with a longer burn time.  Our 9 oz. candle typically burns for about 40 hours.  Soy wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax.  This allows the soy wax to not burn up so quickly and it also gives the fragrance the ability to have a smoother and more pleasant smell.  We call this scent throw.  Paraffin wax candles can smell good before you burn them, but the high temperature needed to burn the wax can lessen the scent throw; which gives you less bang for your buck.  Boooo! You deserve more than that.  One thing to note is that the scent throw in scented soy wax candles usually start off slow with the first burn.  The fragrance really starts to come out in the 2nd and 3rd burns.  It gets better with time.


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