Why We Like Nice Smells

Why We Like Nice Smells
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Our ability to smell is one of the greatest gifts we have.  A beautiful scent can remind us of places and people from our past; help to center ourselves and clear our heads; get the funk out of the living room; or even create an environment of serenity while everybody is working and schooling from home.  Whatever the reason is, a beautiful scent is deeply tied to our memories, and can affect our emotions.  I’ve always loved the smell of vanilla for two reasons.  When I first met the woman who would become my wife, she would often wear different vanilla lotions and body sprays that worked so well on her!  I can close my eyes and still smell that beautiful fragrance emanating from her skin.  Secondly, a good friend of mine had an old Volvo that he used to keep clean and vanilla scented.  He’d hide those scented vanilla “trees” you often find at the gas stations, under the front seats.  He’d even put them in his trunk!  I’ll never forget the smell in that car, and his big smile when I’d compliment him on his good smelling ride.   Those memories make me smile and laugh today because of the people, and because of the unforgettable scent associated with them.

     Now, of course any scent is subjective.  While I love vanilla, it may appall the next person.  Most of all what a good scent can give us, is control.  The control to get your home or office to smell the way you like, or energize your mood, or to relax.  We imagine you decompressing in a nice, hot bubble bath after a long day, or snuggling with a loved one while watching your favorite show, or trying to get yourself energized for the coming day; all alongside our beautifully scented soy wax candles.  Here at The Scent Spot, these are the moments and memories that we think about when crafting your scented candle.  Don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself, light the wick,  and enjoy!  You deserve it.  The Scent Spot; Smell Good, Feel Good.


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